Live Every week like its SHARK WEEK!

Tribute to Shark Week

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year – Shark Week. The Discovery Channel dedicates an entire week to these magnificent creatures of the sea. They explore their habits and offer some extraordinary tales of different individual’s interactions with sharks.

I thought I would dedicate a blog to some of my own shark interactions that I was lucky enough to capture in photos or video.

This first image is of a big eye thresher shark. I was off the coast of Fort Lauderdale and we saw something in the water. I jumped in to explore the commotion in the water. To my surprise, there were two thresher sharks. One was 14 feet long and the second shark was about 16 feet long. It’s pretty uncommon to get this close to these sharks because they typically live in waters to deep to explore. One of the sharks was also curious about me, so it came towards me. Luckily, he must have just eaten. I pressed down on his head to guide him away and I got back in the boat. I captured some amazing pictures though.


This second picture is of a lemon shark down in the Florida Keys. He was swimming in shallow waters off the coast of Islamorada. I jumped in the water and she stayed around long enough so I could get a couple pictures.

This next video took place in one of my favorite places in the world, Sumner Point Marina in Rum Cay, Bahamas. There were some sharks near the docks, so I decided to try to film them. This bull shark got a little too curious about the camera and rushed up to give it a head butt!

This last video was a lot of fun. This excursion also took place at Sumner Point Marina in Rum Cay, Bahamas. I was on a paddle board fishing and ended up hooking a lemon shark. He dragged me out to the ocean. My friends were fishing nearby in a boat, so they followed and got the whole thing on film. At the 1:27 mark on the video, you can actually see the shark biting the paddle board. I was able to free the 6-foot lemon shark and he swam away.



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Jason Arnold is an award winning Florida-based photographer who has captivated audiences of all generations. Being a third generation commer
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